Public interface for Lookback, the UX testing tool that records your screen and camera and uploads it to http://lookback.io for further study.


The Lookback for iOS SDK has two major APIs:

  • The LookbackParticipate API enables fast, easy and friendly user experience research by guiding your research participants through the research flow, all the way from preparation, through testing, to upload and follow-ups. It is also the foundation for Lookback Live, where the research can be live streamed with direct face-to-face live streamed communication — like a video call, but with screen sharing on mobile.

  • The LookbackRecorder API gives you low level access to perform screen+face recording of your app and its users. Use this API if you want to build a customized recording experience, for example to perform diary studies, feedback collection, etc.

If possible, please consider using the Participate API, as it is much simpler, and we take care of all the UX and edge cases involved in performing user research.