Lookback Recordings Table



UI for displaying the progress of uploads, and listing recent recordings.



See the upload status of recent recordings in a table view.

The table view shows all recordings that are: - Pending to be reviewed. Tapping them will allow you to review them now. - Currently uploading recordings. - Recently completed uploads. Tapping them will take you to the Lookback web site to view the recording, if you have permissions to do so.

See `-[Lookback countOfRecordingsPendingPreview]` and `-[Lookback countOfRecordingsPendingUpload]` for information on when you should manually display this view controller.

You can also swipe on any recording to share its URL using a standard share sheet.

The `leftBarButtonItem` is by default configured to take you to the `LookbackSettingsViewController`. You can set the leftBarButtonItem to nil to prevent your users from accessing settings.